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About Us

Moco, Inc. was founded in 1989 to provide owners and managers of apartment communities with custom residential screening services. Since then we have broadened our offering to include pre-employment screening services. Moco is known for quality and exceptional customer service. We are located in downtown Seattle, Washington, and provide screening services to property owners, managers and employers throughout the United States.

Moco's success is driven by its Mission to:

  • Provide a respectful, challenging, and fun environment for our employees to grow and succeed in, as measured by selection and retention of top performers.
  • Deliver total client satisfaction, as measured by a growing and loyal client base.
  • Provide exceptional value and maintain a level of profitability which enables us to reinvest in the tools necessary for continuous product and process improvement.

Moco makes extensive use of the latest technologies. Nevertheless, we believe that people are the key to our success. Experience counts! Our team has decades of experience in multi-family property management, as well as the consumer reporting industry.

We have applied that experience to our web product. Moco offers a wide range of Web-based screening tools, allowing you to take full advantage of the speed of the Internet, while maintaining the quality and security inherent in a comprehensive screening solution.

Moco's combination of quality people, technology and custom screening solutions will assist you to increase occupancy, reduce eviction and credit loss ratios, and increase profitability.

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